Recipe Disclaimer and Disclosure

Recipe Disclaimer and Disclosure

House Gone Sane legally owns and operates the website and any reference to terms in our Recipe Disclaimer and Disclosure or other policies posted on this website, such as ‘we,’ ‘our,’ ‘us,’ ‘I,’ ‘our blog,’ or ‘our website’ refer to House Gone Sane. The term ‘you’ refers to anyone who uses, views, visits, reads, and/or accesses our website in any way.

Please read our Recipe Disclaimer and Disclosure in its entirety as well as our Terms of Use. By accessing pages or posts on our website that contain recipes, you show you are agreeing to both our Terms of Use and our Recipe Disclaimer and Disclosure. This information is supplemental to the policies outlined in our Terms of Use, and any applicable policies in our Terms of Use apply to the recipe/food portion of our website/blog. If you disagree with any of our policies, we ask you to refrain from using our website.


We are happy to provide free recipes for informational purposes. You are under no obligation to read our recipes, make any of our recipes, or to follow the instructions exactly as they are written, if you do decide to make them.
We have personally measured out the ingredients exactly as written and made these original recipes ourselves. We strive to offer exceptional content throughout our website and blog, and we feel that many individuals may likewise enjoy these recipes, should they choose to make them.

Results May Vary

We are not liable or responsible for any negative results that come from you making any recipes on our website, or for following our recipe instructions. People have different likes and dislikes, so you may or may not enjoy the outcome. We make no guarantees or warranties either stated or implied.

Please note there is sometimes a difference in quality and taste between different brands of food, and sometimes even a significant difference in taste or quality from different batches of food from the same company, such as in the case of fresh produce, which may greatly differ in ripeness, sweetness, and/or flavor. In addition, if you do choose to make our recipes, you may purchase foods from entirely different brands than we did. The taste of a recipe can also be somewhat altered by the size of fresh produce used. For example, we may say to add 3 cloves of minced garlic in a recipe, but our cloves may be smaller or larger than yours, and this can alter the results/taste. The altitude where you live may also differ from the location where we have tested our recipes and can also impact your results. Due to all these variables (and more), results may vary, and you should understand this, and use your best judgement if you do decide to make our recipes.

Food Safety

While we try to make our instructions as safe as possible, it is your responsibility to make sure you prepare food safely, regardless of whose recipes you are making (ours, your own, and/or someone else’s). It is your sole responsibility to make sure you are using food that is safe, not recalled, that you are combining appropriate ingredients and/or cooking them in a non-toxic way, and that you are not serving it to someone with an allergy (whether yourself or someone else.)

Please thoroughly read labels to be sure what is in your food, especially if you have certain dietary restrictions. These restrictions could include, but are not limited to- gluten-free, lactose-free, vegetarian, vegan, and/or no nuts. Please be aware that although certain foods may not naturally contain something with gluten, nuts, etc, they may be processed with equipment/foods that contain traces of such things. People have had bad reactions from this, so please read your labels, and research manufacturers and companies when necessary. You should also watch for recalls on food items you purchase.

Limited Liability

We are not responsible for an allergic reaction, food poisoning, or other sickness or negative affects from food you eat, even if you get the idea from our website. You read and make our recipes at your own risk, and we are in no way responsible or liable for any negative results to you or anyone else. Please also see our Terms of Use for a more in-depth description of our limited liability and disclaimer policies.

Properly Store Food

It is your responsibility to use safe foods that are properly stored, kept at the appropriate temperatures, and in good condition- not old, moldy, etc.


If we are made aware of a recall that impacts a specific brand/product we list for a recipe, we will update the post once we have confirmed with the manufacturer the details of the recall. However, it is not our responsibility to be aware of every recall, and we are not going to make a note of a recalled food item if it is only a specific brand affected that we don’t mention by name. For instance, if a specific brand of cheddar cheese is recalled and our recipe lists the specific brand, we will either make a note of the recall in the post or remove the specific brand’s name from our post, if and when we are made aware of it, and confirm the recall is currently in effect. However, if our recipe simply lists cheddar cheese and there are many brands that can be acceptably purchased, it will be left as is. It’s not reasonable for us to be able to track and note every recall made, especially considering our recipes can be accessed by individuals across the globe. If we are promoting or linking to a specific brand’s product in one of our posts that is currently recalled and you happen to notice, we would appreciate you contacting us at [email protected] (our email,) but you are under no obligation to do so.

When Assistance is Needed

The recipes on our website are directed towards adults who are fully capable of cooking responsibly. If you are a parent or supervising kids, please make sure you are cooking safely, and teaching them to cook safely in an age-appropriate way. Please don’t allow your children to participate in cooking/baking in any way that they could get hurt or aren’t yet able to handle safely.

If you are a minor, please make sure you are using this website only with parent/guardian permission, (our policy is that you need direct supervision if you are under the age of 13- see our Terms of Use,) you should only be cooking with parent/guardian permission (and assistance if needed), and following any safe food preparation instructions or rules given to you by your parent(s)/guardian(s).

Parents/guardians are responsible for preparing food safely themselves, for teaching their children to do the same, and for appropriately monitoring their children online.

If you are an adult with health issues and/or special needs/disabilities that would make it unsafe for you to cook without assistance, but you would like to make our recipes, please allow someone else to help and/or monitor you to the degree necessary for the food to be prepared safely. Adults who are fully capable and responsible for the safety and well-being of others in their care or in their family should properly monitor and assist anyone in their care or family who needs assistance to safely prepare foods, or do this for them, if there are limitations that would prevent them from doing so safely on their own.

Health and Nutrition

Those who use this website for the purpose of making our recipes are responsible for making food appropriate to the health and nutrition they need. While most of our recipes are intended to be relatively healthy, you are still responsible for choosing to eat and prepare foods that suit your own personal health needs, and those of your family. This is true whether you obtain recipes from our website or elsewhere. If you have questions about what unique health needs you have, please see an appropriate medical provider who can assist you. We are not nutritional experts, and even if we were, what is healthy for one individual may not be for someone else.

We currently do not display nutritional information/facts for our recipes. This is because this can vary significantly depending on serving size, brands you buy, the choices you make for optional toppings, and even the size of fresh produce you purchase. We do not want to give inaccurate information, so it is your responsibility to figure out nutritional information, if you so desire.

Recipe Comments

Please note that our commenting policies in our Terms of Use fully apply to the recipe articles on our website/blog. Please note that if you ask a question regarding a recipe via comment, email, or contact form, we will not be available to give an instantaneous response. We do aim to respond to comments on an at least weekly basis or more often, but if you have a question about substitutions, cooking times, etc., and especially if you are already in the process of making a recipe, please use your best judgement and/or use a search engine (such as Google) to research a reliable answer that you can find promptly. If you comment, which you are welcome to do, please understand that we will not be able to respond until the next time we log in to review comments, which can vary. We apologize for any inconvenience.


Our website is designed to be monetized. However, you have free access to any of our recipes directly on our blog for as long as they are posted. We may have affiliate links or ads for ingredients, tools, or other products used in connection with our recipes, but you are under no obligation to click on these or to purchase anything from them if you do visit the links. If you do click on or purchase via one of these links, we may receive a small commission or compensation.

We may choose to do sponsored posts at times, and we will disclose which posts are sponsored. Whoever is sponsoring our post will either pay us or give us some other form of financial gain by our featuring their product or service. You are under no obligation to read a sponsored post, or to purchase the product or service.

We only choose to feature sponsored posts and affiliate links for products and services we have used or trust. We will voluntarily turn down offers to gain financially from featuring products or services that we don’t trust, wouldn’t use ourselves, or that don’t offer good quality for what you would pay for them. We will also turn down offers to promote products or services that don’t coincide with our brand, message, and niche. Any opinions we give on products or services are our own. Please see our financial disclosure and other policies within our Terms of Use for further information on this topic.

Updates to Policies

We reserve the right to amend, re-word, update, and/or change our policies at any time and without prior notice, as we see fit. This includes our Recipe Disclaimer and Disclosure policies as outlined on this page. Updates will be reflected on the direct page they pertain to, so our Recipe Disclaimer and Disclosure policies will be updated on this page. This was last updated on 8/23/17.


If you have questions or concerns regarding any of our policies including our Recipe Disclaimer and Disclosure policies on this page, please contact us at [email protected] (our email.) Thank you.