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Frequently asked questions

Pregnant With a Plan! is designed for women who are currently pregnant to help them make decisions and accomplish all the tasks and preparations needed to be done during pregnancy.

This course will be of most value to women up to 6 months pregnant, but women in later pregnancy who are behind on preparations, such as registering, writing a birth plan, prepping for postpartum, etc., may still find a lot of value in the lessons. 

Some of the lessons in the first trimester section will also be applicable in mid-to-late pregnancy, depending on your situation.

The reason I include certain lessons earlier in the course, is because it is beneficial to do some things sooner if you happen to start this course in early pregnancy.

The ‘START HERE’ section will direct you where to start in the course based on your trimester and the current preparations you have made or are able to make.

While Pregnant With a Plan! may be of interest to you if you are trying to get pregnant, (and, of course, you are welcome to purchase it for a future pregnancy,) it will be MOST applicable once you are actually pregnant.

What This Course Isn’t / Who it ISN’T For

This course is not a birth class. (We recommend you take a separate course/class for that purpose.)

This course will not help you conceive if you are trying to get pregnant.

If you are not pregnant and are not planning a pregnancy, this course is not for you.


If you are currently pregnant and trying to prepare for your baby, this course IS for you.

Yes! This course is not in any way meant to replace a birth class or medical advice. It IS designed to help you plan out the remainder of your pregnancy, complete necessary tasks in the order and time-frame they should be done, and to have everything you need ready for your baby before your due date. I DO recommend you take a good-quality birth class. We discuss the importance of finding a good birth class in part of the course, as that is something that will help you be prepared for your labor and delivery.

This is a completely self-paced online course – you decide when you start and when you finish. If you are currently pregnant, I do recommend working through this at a reasonable pace so you can accomplish everything you need to before your baby is born. I suggest where to start based on what trimester you are in and tasks you haven’t done yet in the ‘START HERE’ section.

After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like – across any and all devices you own, for as long as this course and the Internet exist.

You can also download all of the videos, audio, and PDF/printables for your own personal/household use.

This digital course includes the following sections & lessons:

(All lessons are presented in the following formats: (slide-based) video, audio, and text, so you can choose to watch, listen to, or read the lessons.)


1:1 An Introduction to the First Trimester

1:2 Common First Trimester Appointments & Testing

1:3 Check if you Qualify for WIC

1:4 Be Mentally Prepared During Pregnancy

1:5 Be Prepared with Good Insurance

1:6 Be Prepared with Your Employment

1:7 Make Room for Baby in Your Home

1:8 Decide WHEN & HOW to Announce Your Pregnancy

1:9 The Role of Your Birth Partner Throughout Pregnancy

1:10 Other Things You Can Get an Early Start On

1:11 Practical Suggestions for Dealing with Pregnancy Symptoms


~How to Save Money During Pregnancy


3:1 An Introduction to the Second Trimester

3:2 Common 2nd Trimester Appointments & Testing

3:3 Things to Do in Your Second Trimester


4:1 Be Ready for Your Baby’s Arrival with the Items You Need

4:2 Tips for Registering


~How to Prepare for Your Baby Shower


~Prepare a Birth Plan


~Prepare for WHERE You’re Giving Birth


~Find a Good Birth Class


9:1 An Introduction to the 3rd Trimester

9:2 Common Appointments in the 3rd Trimester

9:3 Things to Do Before Baby is Born

9:4 What to Prepare Before Leaving for the Hospital


10:1 During Your Recovery in the Hospital or Birth Center

10:2 Tips for When You Come Home


~21 Things to Do if Your Baby Won’t Stop Crying

The following printables are included as PDFs with supplemental info for the course:

(Please note that as these are DIGITAL resources, you do need to print them yourself or have another facility or person do so, in order to have physical copies of these PDFs.)

Pregnancy Printables Included:

*First Trimester Workbook

*Positive Pregnancy Journal Worksheet

*Second Trimester Workbook

*Third Trimester Workbook

*Saving Money Workbook

*Newborn Baby Essentials Checklist

*Baby Registry Workbook

*Baby Shower Planner Workbook

*Baby Gift List Tracker

*Birth Plan Workbook

*2 Example Birth Plans (for a Natural Birth & Medicated Birth)

*Birth Location Workbook

*Maternity Tour Questions to Ask

*Find a Good Birth Class PDF

*Postpartum Reminders

*When Baby Won’t Stop Crying Cheat Sheet

Additionally, as a second BONUS, in the BONUS section, there is a link for you to get access to all of the digital resources in our Premium Resource Library (a $19 value) for free.

IMPORTANT: Please note all of these resources are in DIGITAL format. (You will not have physical pages, unless you print them out yourself.)

The current resources in the Premium Resource Library Include:

*30-page Maximized Motivation Workbook- 10 Steps to Unlocking Your Productivity & Streamlining Your Time 

*Maximize Your Motivation (a slide-based video)

*11 pages of Toddler Girl Color Reward Charts

*11 pages of Toddler Boy Color Reward Charts

*10 Page Printable Meal Planning Packet

*Printable Healthy Lifestyle Memory Match Game for Kids

*Tutorial Video: How to Make a Grocery Shopping List in Trello

*House Gone Sane ‘Podcast or Post’ Episodes (more to come as they are published)

*Order of the Room Video and Daily Routine Cleaning Checklists- These explain where exactly to start in a room when you clean (and why.)

*Pre-Pregnancy Cheat Sheet- 18 Constructive Things to Do While Trying to Get Pregnant

*Pregnancy Printables:

  • Pregnancy Memory Printable
  • Maternity Tour Questions
  • Newborn Baby Essentials Registry Checklist
  • Birth Location Workbook
  • Positive Pregnancy Journal Worksheet

We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.

In fact, Teachable, the platform that we use, requires that we offer a 30-day refund policy in order to use their payment services.

Our Refund Policy

If you choose to request a refund, the only thing we ask is that you provide us with a reason why you aren’t happy with Pregnant With a Plan!, as our goal is to share tips and resources that are worth paying for. (We won’t withhold a refund based on the type of reason, as long as you state that you are unhappy with Pregnant With a Plan! and why.)

Please allow 30 days to process any refund requests. (Sometimes the credit card/payment companies themselves take over a week to process refunds, and this also allows us time to respond to and submit any refund requests.) We will process refunds as soon as possible, though.

Any refund requests should be submitted via email to [email protected] (and please be sure to spell the email address correctly so we receive it.)

Please note that any students who choose to request a refund will no longer have access to the course or course materials, as well as any bonuses that were included, once the refund starts to process.

All of the content in Pregnant With a Plan & the included BONUSES, are downloadable, in DIGITAL format- video, audio, and/or text. Any printable resources are in PDF format. 

At this time we do NOT offer physical products, so you will need to print out any pages you want physical copies of yourself (or take/send them to a copy/print store to print them out.)

Please note: if you have a printer that prints a different size format than PDF, and you would like me to re-format the size of certain items, please send me an email at [email protected] and specify: 1. the items you request I resize, and 2. the requested name of the format & dimensions desired, and I will do my best to resize them for you.

(I live in the US and PDF is the standard format for printers here so that’s why I use that format.)

I’d be happy to answer any other questions you have!

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