11 Simple Steps for Meal Planning like a Pro

“Meal planning is great!”
“It’s a timesaver!”
“It saves money!”

Have you heard these things about meal planning? I know I have. But often it ends there, kind of leaving you hanging, wanting to do it, but a bit overwhelmed as to how to do it.

8 Benefits Your Business Misses Out On If You Don’t Have a Website

If you run a business, even if it’s relatively small, you may have considered having a website. There are several benefits of doing so. In this post, we’ll discuss many of these, and later I’ll talk about my experience with having a website, and my feelings on web hosting.

But for now, here are 8 benefits of having a website for your business.

7 Ways Kids Can Safely Help Cook- Without Knives or Heat!

The process of learning to cook is something every child should start at some point. Of course, you want them to have a basic knowledge of how cooking and preparing food works, along with the ability to not hurt themselves when they start to use knives, the stove, and/or oven.

But even before they are ready for the actual cooking part, there are many other ways they can safely help cook. This serves a dual purpose- it helps you and teaches them.

16 Tips for a Safer, Less Stressful Baby Bath Time

When you bring home your delicate, tiny newborn baby, you are cautious about everything you do with him/her. One area that may make you incredibly nervous is bath time. This can be even more challenging when your baby really doesn’t like it.

Even parents with older babies may still feel the stress when it’s time for baby bath time. What are some things that can be done, regardless of your baby’s age?

Super Easy Fresh-Squeezed Lemonade

So last time I went grocery shopping, I had purchased a bag of lemons. They weren’t on my list, but I had a strong desire to use them. And today just happened to be really hot, so I thought this would be an excellent day to make lemonade.