How to Clean a Potty Training Toilet in One Minute or Less

When it comes to potty training, you probably want to know how to clean your toddler’s potty training seat in the easiest and fastest way.

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Full disclosure, before I started potty training my toddler, I actually wasn’t going to get her a potty training seat for this very reason. The idea of having to transfer her waste to a bigger toilet, then clean hers out every. single. time. seemed like a huge burden.

However, my mom bought me this awesome potty training toilet that I now love, and I use a method for cleaning it out that actually takes hardly any time at all!

So here is how to clean a potty training toilet in under a minute. (And by the way, I consider myself kind of slow at doing things in general, so if I can clean out a potty seat fast, you definitely can too!)

1.) Take the removable seat off of the potty chair base, and gently dump the pee or poo into a regular toilet and flush it.

Be careful you hold the potty seat directly over the toilet (versus too high up,) so it doesn’t splash/get anywhere else (in which case it would cost you more time!)

2.) Take some toilet paper and wipe out the potty seat.

You want to get it completely dry (or pretty close,) and of course, wipe off any stuck remnants of poo or toilet paper. Then simply drop the toilet paper into the regular toilet.

3.) Use a baby wipe to wipe the entire potty seat out.

I like to start with the part my toddler sits on and then I wipe out the inside last.

To clean it more thoroughly, you can dry it again with toilet paper and then wipe it out with a baby wipe a second time. (You can still do this twice relatively fast, and I suggest keeping a pack of baby wipes right in the bathroom for your convenience.)

4.) Dispose of the baby wipe(s) in the garbage, replace the potty seat back on its base, wash your hands, and you’re done!

Note: I usually just let the potty seat air dry after wiping it out with a baby wipe. But you could also quickly wipe it dry with toilet paper or a rag/cloth if you’d like.

So there you have it- that’s how to clean a potty training toilet in one minute or less. This is a fast and easy solution between uses throughout the day.

However, you may also want to use a stronger disinfectant/spray once a day or every few days- you can click here to get this organic, non-toxic cleaning spray from Amazon. (And don’t forget to clean the base and underside of the potty seat when needed, as well.)

The good news is you don’t have to spend all day cleaning your toddler’s potty seat. For myself personally, once I realized how quickly it can be done, I felt a lot more at ease with my toddler using her potty chair.

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Thanks for reading, and have a great day!

a mom's hand is shown holding the seat of a potty training toilet that has just been cleaned

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