5 Early Pregnancy Signs I had Before a Missed Period

‘Am I pregnant?’ Have you been wondering if you’re experiencing early pregnancy signs? Or maybe you want to know what to look out for in case there’s a chance you’re pregnant in the future.

I am currently in my second pregnancy and I just want to share my experience with some early pregnancy signs I noticed.

Although it didn’t seem like I was pregnant, I just KNEW I was, due to some of the symptoms I was experiencing.

The 1st pregnancy test I took was negative, I suppose because I jumped the gun and it was too early to test positive.

But I still believed I was pregnant!

My husband didn’t believe me, but he humored me by purchasing more pregnancy tests a few days later.

So what were my early pregnancy symptoms – things that were not the norm for me?

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5 Early Pregnancy Symptoms I had Before Missing My Period
5 Early Pregnancy Symptoms I had Before Testing Positive

5 Very Early Pregnancy Signs I had Before a Missed Period for My Second Pregnancy

1.) I experienced nausea.

Although supposedly from my google searches I shouldn’t have had nausea yet, I did. At 2 1/2- 3 weeks pregnant. Some may doubt that, but I’m telling you, it was there.

Along the lines of nausea, it is also possible you may experience smell aversions or food aversions in early pregnancy.

(Note: In the US the amount of weeks pregnant is counted by medical professionals starting from the first day of your last period, not the day you actually conceived, so when I refer to weeks pregnant in this article, this is the standard I’m going by.)

*Nausea was also one of the first signs I had for my first pregnancy, although I didn’t notice it as early in the pregnancy (it was closer to my missed period.)

2.) I had a couple of dizzy spells.

I don’t normally feel dizzy very often, but I noticed when I was taking care of the house / cleaning, I was starting to feel dizzy on a couple of occasions, probably around 3 weeks pregnant, and I actually sat down because I was afraid I would black out.

*This was also an early pregnancy sign I experienced with my first pregnancy too, but I was closer to 4 weeks pregnant when it happened the first time around.

3.) I had strong emotions.

On one occasion, I was reading something I’d read before and I had to fight back tears, which I thought was odd, because it’s not something that normally would’ve made me cry.

Another day, I woke up really annoyed with my husband (I can’t even remember why now,) but I also thought that was a little weird.

*In my first pregnancy I had a few emotional moments too, although with that pregnancy, they were all after I tested positive.

4.) I noticed my sense of smell intensified.

One early sign of pregnancy is your sense of smell improving. Pregnancy can also give you terrible smell aversions- scents that normally don’t bother you can seem overpowering and repulsive. (Sometimes even things that smell good!)

*With both of my pregnancies I noticed this, but this was an earlier symptom in my second pregnancy.

5.) My thighs were really sore.

When I was only a few weeks pregnant this time around (for my 2nd pregnancy,) there were a couple of days where my thighs were really sore. I hadn’t done anything out of the ordinary that would seem to cause this, so it was just another thing that made me think I was pregnant.

Other women have also experienced sore muscles- including in their thighs- in early pregnancy.

*This sign for me was unique to this pregnancy as far as early symptoms go. In my first pregnancy, I did get really sore legs in my third trimester, but not during the early part of my pregnancy.

When You Have a Faint Second Line on a Pregnancy Test

Just so you know, when you’re pregnant, you may have a very faint positive line on your pregnancy test. You are still pregnant, if this is the case. I had 2 tests that were very faintly positive, and finally the 3rd one I took was a little more clear.

My husband stopped being in denial that I was pregnant after I went to the doctor and got a positive test there. He was happy about it, he just didn’t expect it. (Surprise!) But it’s all good.

Which Pregnancy Test Should You Use?

Most pregnancy tests work similarly and pretty much all of them do work.

Note: some pregnancy tests may be more sensitive at detecting your pregnancy levels sooner. Occasionally you may also take one that’s inconclusive; I would recommend getting at least 2 or 3 tests in case that happens. Sometimes you are pregnant, but you will test negative at first (like I did.) You may need to wait several days before retesting.

If you are already past your missed period and haven’t gotten a positive test, you should contact your doctor. They can check if you’re pregnant and/or to see if something else may be interfering with your cycle or causing your symptoms. 

The pregnancy test I used that accurately showed me as positive this time was a Rexall pregnancy test.

I haven’t used them personally, but if you don’t want to have to worry about if there is a faint second line or if it’s in your head- this pregnancy test clearly will display ‘pregnant’ or ‘not pregnant’, so there’s no second guessing.

On the other hand, you may want to opt for a less high-tech pregnancy test that is inexpensive but works. Dollar Tree has one for $1 (in-store availability may vary depending where you live.) It is rated well by women who have used it. I have used them in the past, just not during this pregnancy. (They were accurately negative because I wasn’t pregnant at the time.)

What About You?

Have you tested positive? Do you suspect you are pregnant? Are you experiencing any early signs? Did you find this article helpful? Let us know in the comments at the bottom of the page! We’d love your feedback!

Remember that every pregnancy is different, so if you are pregnant you may have completely different symptoms than mine.

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Thanks for reading and have a great day!


  1. Makayla | 1st Jan 18

    I am 6 days late, had unprotected sex on December 10th and was supposed to start my period on the 27th. Never been late before. I’m having major emotional mood swings that usually signal my period. Such as crying a LOT and very impatient and irritated. Been getting bad headaches. Also my period signs. And period like cramping. Expected my period since I have all the other parts of it. But nothing yet. I’m also releasing a lot of watery discharge as of 2 days ago. I had to wear a pad yesterday cuz it leaked thru my pants. I may take a test today but I don’t want to see a negative. Any one every experience those symptoms with their pregnancies?

    • Ellie | 1st Jan 18

      Hi Makayla, it definitely seems like a possibility!

      You might want to ask your doctor about the discharge and check in with them either way.

      I would think if you are you would get a positive test with being 6 days late. (I have read about a few rare instances with some women saying that they tested negative after missing a period, but were actually pregnant and it just didn’t show up with the type of test they took.)

      I didn’t test positive at first with my current pregnancy, but I also tested super early because I was certain I was pregnant- partly from my having strong emotions too!

      I hope everything works out for you, and thanks for stopping by! 🙂

  2. Naomi | 21st Apr 18

    My most recent pregnancy (I’ve had 8, but only 3 made it full term) I had a lot of early symptoms. *Extreme* exhaustion– like fall asleep anywhere/anytime, sore breasts, sleeping with my arms above my head (its something I only do in pregnancy), sleeping on my stomach (also something I only ever can/want to do in early pregnancy), and the day I was supposed to start my period is when the nausea hit. And as soon as I had that very distinctly this-is-morning-sickness nausea, all the other symptoms made complete sense!

    • Ellie | 26th Apr 18

      Hi Naomi, thanks for reading and for sharing your experience! That’s interesting how you sleep in different positions during pregnancy. And it is funny how nausea makes it all click. 🙂

  3. Best Gynaecologist in Noida | 6th May 19

    Thankyou for sharing this information

  4. Lindsay | 12th Sep 19

    I was a few days late with my period (which isn’t highly unusual for me because my cycle varies by a few days), but I was extra tired and then started getting up during the night to pee and grab a granola bar. That’s when I decided to go get a pregnancy test. Surprise! I was pregnant. No nausea or sore breasts at that point.

    • Ellie | 25th Sep 19

      Hi Lindsay, thanks for sharing your experience. Fatigue, waking up at night, and having to pee more frequently can definitely be early pregnancy signs too. Congrats on your pregnancy!

  5. DGS HEALTH | 28th Jun 22

    yes, your idea and guides are absolutely right for early pregnancy signs, while achieving pregnancy women experience these signs.

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