9 Dirty Baby Items That Need to be Washed

What baby items need to be washed to keep your home sanitary and your infant safe? Here are 9 dirty baby items that need to be cleaned.

Naturally, when you have a baby, there’s a lot on your mind. It can be easy to get behind on things when you have so much going on!

When it comes to cleaning up after them, there are certain baby items that you could forget about- or not realize you should be cleaning.

In this post we’re going to discuss several baby items that need to be cleaned, washed, or disinfected.

Note: It’s important to make sure your hands are clean when washing dirty baby items and when handling them once they’re clean, so you don’t get them dirty again.

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1.) Covers for Baby Items that Your Baby Sits On or Lays In

a baby car seat with a cover on that needs to be washed

Many covers on baby items are removable and washable.

It will sometimes depend on the brand of item you use, but this often includes:

*the cover for your infant car seat

*boppy pillow covers

*covers on baby bouncers

*shopping cart covers (like this one)- I loved using this once my baby was old enough to sit in the shopping cart seat, so I didn’t have to worry about her touching every inch of it.

2.) Your Baby’s Bath Tub

baby in baby bath tub with bubbles on head

Your baby’s bath tub should be scrubbed out regularly just as you do with a regular bath tub/shower or it will get icky.

You want to give your baby a bath in a clean environment.

This article shares tips on how to clean your baby’s bath tub without using chemicals.

3.) Baby Carrier or Baby Wrap

two moms wear their babies in baby wraps

These can get dirty, both on the outside and the inside where the baby is.

I put my baby carrier directly in my washing machine, (on a hand wash cycle just to be safe,) and have never had any issues.

I’ve also put it in my dryer on a lower heat setting. But do this at your own risk- you may want to air dry it or hang it outside on a sunny day.

4.) Strollers and Walkers

a mom pushes her baby in a stroller

Some of these strollers may have removable covers that can go in the washer or be hand washed.

But I’ve also used a couple that don’t have removable covers, which means you have to figure out an alternative way to spot clean/deep clean the fabric portions when needed.

Remember that if your baby wets through their clothing, chances are it’s going to be wherever they were sitting too. (This also applies to other items they sit in- such as the ones mentioned earlier when I talked about cleaning covers to baby items.)

Below is a video on how to clean a stroller.


This article also shares some tips on how to clean baby walkers.

5.) Bath Toys

clean duck and frog baby bath toys

Bath toys can be a breeding ground for bacteria if not properly cared for.

Don’t let bath toys go too long without being thoroughly cleaned/disinfected, and even more so if your infant sticks them in their mouth.

Here is a great article on some different ways you can clean bath toys from The Maids.

You can also buy bath toys that won’t mold and have no holes- such as these ones that are rated well on Amazon.

(Then you won’t need to worry about cleaning them all the time or your little one getting sick.)

6.) Other Baby Toys

baby toys

Any other baby toys that your baby uses should be washed/cleaned as needed.

Softer toys (like stuffed animals) can be washed in a hand wash cycle in the washer and be air dried.

Toys that are harder and durable can sometimes be washed in the dishwasher if you have one.

If they are too sensitive to go in the dishwasher, (or if you don’t have a dishwasher,) you may be able to wash them by hand or disinfect them with disinfectant spray or wipes.

We personally use a countertop dishwasher, (which takes up less space and costs less than investing in a regular dishwasher.) And I’m able to wash some of our kids’ toys in there.

7.) Playpens / Pack ‘N Plays

Asian baby in a playpen

Play pens such as Pack ‘N Plays should be cleaned from time to time.

This is a great article from Creating Mary’s Home on how she cleans pack ‘n plays (as well as some other used baby items.)

8.) Baby Bottles

sterilizing baby bottles that need to be cleaned

How often should you sterilize baby bottles?

According to the CDC, feeding items should be sanitized at least once daily.

How to Clean Baby Bottles After Each Use

If your baby bottles are dishwasher safe, you can disassemble them and wash them in the dishwasher.

If you don’t have a dishwasher or have bottles that aren’t dishwasher safe, you should take them apart, rinse them, and then fill up a clean dish pan with hot water and dish detergent and let them soak in there.

Next, wash the parts thoroughly with a clean dish cloth, brush, or sponge (whatever works well for you,) fully washing crevices and areas where dried milk/formula can get stuck (such as the nipples.)

Then, completely rinse each part of the bottles.

Finally, allow them to air-dry in a clean spot.

9.) Pacifiers and Teethers

baby pacifiers that need to be washed

Most parents are pretty good about washing out things like baby bottles right away, but you don’t want to forget about pacifiers and baby teethers.

These can accumulate a disturbing amount of bacteria, so cleaning them regularly- and well- is important.

This article here from Mom Loves Best talks about some ways to clean pacifiers– there are several great tips and methods discussed!

This post from Matchstick Monkey discusses different ways to sterilize and clean baby teethers.

Additional Tips for Cleaning Baby Items:

1.) Make sure you use methods and products that are safe for using on baby items and that you’re comfortable with.

Some moms prefer to use more natural and gentle products that are effective.

2.) Always wash or disinfect used baby items you get from someone else before using them- even if they look clean.

3.) Check the manufacturer cleaning instructions for baby items when possible.


So those are 9 baby items you don’t want to forget to clean. By properly cleaning the things your baby uses, you can help keep your baby safe and keep the items in good condition.


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Have a great day, and thanks for reading!


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