16 Cute Gifts to Surprise Your Husband With Pregnancy

Looking for cute ways to announce your pregnancy to your husband? Here are 16 gift ideas to surprise your husband with your pregnancy.


There are plenty of ways to tell your husband that you’re pregnant.

You may want to surprise him in an extra special way, especially if this is your first pregnancy.

Here are some unique ways you can announce your pregnancy to your husband.

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1.) Ask your husband to piece together a pregnancy announcement jigsaw puzzle.

a married couple puts together a pregnancy jigsaw puzzle as the wife reveals the pregnancy to her husband

Of course, don’t tell him what the puzzle is for. He’ll figure it out when he puts it together.😉

✅ This is a cute pregnancy announcement puzzle you can grab on Amazon.

2.) Buy your husband a surprise key chain.


✅ This keychain is adorable. It has tiny feet and reads, “Can’t wait to meet you Daddy!”

And this is something he can take with him wherever he goes.

3.) You can get your husband a shirt announcing that he will be a daddy soon.


✅ This shirt is adorable, but still manly enough for a new dad to wear.

✅ Here is another shirt that’s sweet and gets the point across.

4.) Get a pregnancy reveal coffee mug for your husband.


✅ This coffee mug is such a sweet way to reveal your pregnancy.

Give your husband a cup of coffee, hot cocoa, (or any beverage that isn’t clear/see-through.) Once he drinks it all, the words ‘We’re pregnant!” will be revealed at the bottom of the inside of the mug.

He’ll never see it coming. Just be sure to give him a drink he’ll want to finish. 😉

*Note: I did notice as I was putting the link in for this that these types of mugs go out of stock fast, so if this is the gift you want to use to surprise your husband with your pregnancy, order it while you can.

5.) Surprise your husband with a new daddy spoon.

a married couple eats a bowl of soup as the wife surprises her husband with pregnancy announcement spoon

✅ This cute spoon says, “You are going to be a DADDY.”

Just stick it in his food- ice cream, oatmeal, stew, etc. (whatever floats your boat,) and wait for his reaction.

6.) Flaunt a charming mommy-to-be top.


✅ This endearing mommy-to-be maternity shirt will be sure to get your husband’s attention when he comes home.

(The downside is this style can go out of stock quickly, but there are other colors and sizes sold by the same company on Amazon too. I like the pink the best but that’s just my preference.)

7.) Give your husband a surprise pregnancy scratch-off card.

husband opens a surprise pregnancy announcement card from his wife

✅ This is a sweet pregnancy reveal card to give the dad-to-be.

When your husband gets this card, he has to scratch off the heart, which will reveal that you’re pregnant.

This card can also easily be combined with another gift if desired.


8.) Gift your baby’s father a bottle of wine in a pregnancy reveal wine bag.


✅ This pregnancy announcement wine bag is cute.

It reads, “I can’t drink this, but you can! Baby on the way.”

9.) Buy your husband this cute pregnancy announcement fishing lure.


✅ If your husband loves to fish, this gift is a perfect way to tell him he’s going to be a new dad.

This is a unique, but special way to announce your pregnancy to your baby’s father if fishing is part of his life.

10.) Get your husband a new dad shirt.


✅ This shirt is a slightly cheesy but cute way to show your baby’s father that he’s a dad now.

11.) Involve your dog in surprising your husband with your pregnancy.

a husband and wife pet their dog

Do you have a dog?

✅ Use these dog scarves to announce your pregnancy to your baby’s dad.

Imagine your husband’s surprise when your dog walks out wearing one of these.

12.) Surprise your husband with this unique quail egg pregnancy announcement.


✅ This quail egg cracks open to reveal that you’re having a baby.

Simply have your husband open it and watch him be surprised.

13.) Give your husband an adorable baby onesie to announce your pregnancy to him.

pregnant wife holds up baby onesie with husband while they snuggle on the couch

✅ This cute onesie is a sweet way to surprise your husband with your baby news.

It can be given to any expecting dad, but it will especially resonate with your husband if he enjoys video games.

✅ This is another cute onesie to give to your baby’s dad to announce your pregnancy.

Both of these onesies can be worn by your baby once they’re born as well, and they’re gender-neutral.

14.) Buy matching mom & dad garb for you and your husband.


✅ These matching mom and dad hats are a sweet way to celebrate your pregnancy together. And it’s a nice gift to surprise your husband with.

✅ These are cute matching bump shirts.

You can use these not only to announce your pregnancy to your husband, but to announce your pregnancy to others as well.


15.) Surprise your husband with a pregnancy keepsake box.

wife surprises husband with cute pregnancy announcement gift

✅ This pregnancy announcement keepsake box allows you to save your positive pregnancy test.

It’s a memorable way to reveal your pregnancy to your baby’s father.


16.) Display a baby announcement with a pregnancy surprise kit.


✅ This baby reveal package is a cute way to tell your husband you’re pregnant.

You can customize the sign to say what you want, and you can even reuse it for future announcements or for a gender reveal.


So those are 16 cute gift ideas to surprise your husband with your pregnancy. These are all fun ideas to make your pregnancy memorable. However you decide to tell him, it will be a special moment you remember for a long time.


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