8 Time-Saving Baby Tips for New Moms

When you are a new mom with a newborn, it’s amazing how much less time you seem to have.

I remember when I had my first baby, I couldn’t believe how busy I was with her.
Looking back, I could have done a few things differently to save time from the start. I didn’t realize the difference some of these things made until later.

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16 Tips for a Safer, Less Stressful Baby Bath Time

When you bring home your delicate, tiny newborn baby, you are cautious about everything you do with him/her. One area that may make you incredibly nervous is bath time. This can be even more challenging when your baby really doesn’t like it.

Even parents with older babies may still feel the stress when it’s time for baby bath time. What are some things that can be done, regardless of your baby’s age?

8 Things I’m Glad I Did During My First Pregnancy

So you’ve had your positive pregnancy test. There’s so much that will happen in the next 8 months-give or take- depending on when you found out. Yes, that’s right. By the time you realize you’re pregnant, you have likely already used one or more of those nine months up!