11 Practical Tips to Stay Sane as a Stay at Home Mom

Do you feel that as a stay at home mom you’re going crazy sometimes? This post shares 11 ways to stay sane as a stay at home mom.

3 Tips to Make Cleaning Your Fridge Easier

Cleaning your fridge can be a bit of a hassle sometimes, especially if you forgot about some leftovers that are now unrecognizable or if there’s some unknown sticky substance on one of the shelves.

But even though I really don’t enjoy cleaning my fridge, there are a couple things I do that make it less dreadful.
So here are 3 things that will make cleaning your fridge easier…and less gross.

8 Tips for Hand Washing Dishes (& Keeping Them Done)

Are you washing dishes by hand and trying to stay on top of them? Here are 8 tips for hand washing dishes that will help.

9 Things You Should be Doing to Make Your Home Smell Cleaner

When you come home from a long day at work, or invite company over, the last thing you want is for your house to smell dirty. (Well, that may not be the last thing you want, but it’s definitely something you don’t want.) There are many stinky culprits a home can have. But the good news is that yours doesn’t have to fall victim to these; there’s things you can do.

11 Simple Steps for Meal Planning like a Pro

“Meal planning is great!”
“It’s a timesaver!”
“It saves money!”

Have you heard these things about meal planning? I know I have. But often it ends there, kind of leaving you hanging, wanting to do it, but a bit overwhelmed as to how to do it.