9 Tips to Get Kids to Sleep on Time

Are you tired of your kids not going to sleep at bedtime? Here are 9 tips that will actually help your kids get to sleep on time.

10 Fun Ways to Keep Your Kids Cool in the Heat

Sometimes it’s challenging to keep your kids both cool and occupied on those really hot summer days! And I don’t know about you, but I’ve noticed that when the heat is ridiculous, it can start to make everyone a little stir-crazy. So here are 10 ways to keep your kids cool this summer.

8 Ways to Know How Your Child is Really Doing in School

As a busy parent, it can be hard sometimes to keep up with everything, especially during the school year. One thing you don’t want to ‘drop the ball on’, though, is communicating with your child’s school to track their progress, so you know how your child is really doing in school.

7 Ways Kids Can Safely Help Cook- Without Knives or Heat!

The process of learning to cook is something every child should start at some point. Of course, you want them to have a basic knowledge of how cooking and preparing food works, along with the ability to not hurt themselves when they start to use knives, the stove, and/or oven.

But even before they are ready for the actual cooking part, there are many other ways they can safely help cook. This serves a dual purpose- it helps you and teaches them.

6 Bed Wetting Solutions for Kids that Actually Help

Bed wetting can be stressful to deal with as a parent. It’s a challenge because of the fact it’s something neither you or the kids can fully control. But you can succeed in managing or ending this situation. Here are 6 bed wetting solutions for kids that actually help.