9 Screen Free Activities for Families to Do Together

Lately it seems both kids and adults have been stuck at home glued to their devices.

While there’s nothing wrong with using technology, it’s good to detach from the electronics sometimes and do other activities as a family. Here are 9 screen free activities for families to do together.

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1. Baking Cookies (Or Another Dessert)

Just about every kid enjoys eating snacks and will want to help make them. This is a great way to spend time together and talk. Baking/cooking is also a useful skill for your children to learn as they get older.

My kids really enjoyed making these pumpkin spice cookies with me (and of course eating them after.) 🙂

2. Fun Board Games

There are so many different games out there- you can definitely find at least one your kids will love playing with you.

Lately our kids have enjoyed playing Connect 4 with us, and Uno is always a hit for our family!

You can also have a family night and/or even invite a small group of friends and/or family over for a game night.

Recently I designed a printable Healthy Lifestyle Memory Match Game for Kids which you can I send you below.

3. Drawing/Coloring

Most kids like to draw/color, but they often get more into this when they have a parent drawing or coloring beside them.

4. Arts and Crafts / Science Experiments

Kids love experimenting with different crafts and materials. There are lots of ideas online for kids of just about any age.

Pinterest is full of awesome things to try. You can also get a science experiment kit for kids (such as this one from Amazon.)

5. Make Homemade Goo, Play Dough, or Slime

Kids love getting messy and playing with goo or dough. Any child that loves playing with this type of stuff will likely enjoy making it too! (There are lots of ‘recipes’ on Pinterest!)

One of our kids recently got a homemade slime kit. (They love their slime!)

6. Putting Something Together

Whether it’s a puzzle, LEGOs, or building a snowman (if you live in a place where that’s possible,) there are lots of things you can build or put together with your kids, and you can pick something that appeals to their interests.

7. Put on Some Music and Dance or Sing

A random dance party? Or singing your heart out with family karaoke? Oh yes! Get all of your kids’ energy out and let them have fun at the same time!

8. Play an Outdoor Sport

A lot of kids are content just with playing something like ‘catch,’ but there are a lot of other sports activities you can do with your kids outside too.

9. Take Them to an Exciting Place

Depending on what’s available nearby and what is currently open- a museum, the zoo, a national/state park, and/or an aquarium are all great options.

Although there is usually a small fee per person, these places are not usually priced terribly high. (You may even be able to get a discount on certain dates throughout the year and plan your trips then.)

So those are 9 screen-free activities your kids will love. (And even if they don’t love ALL of them, I’m sure they will enjoy doing at least some of these ideas with you.)

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9 Screen Free Activities Your Kids Will Love Doing With You

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