8 Time-Saving Baby Tips for New Moms

When you are a new mom with a newborn, it’s amazing how much less time you seem to have.

I remember when I had my first baby, I couldn’t believe how busy I was with her.
Looking back, I could have done a few things differently to save time from the start. I didn’t realize the difference some of these things made until later.

I’m sharing these time-saving baby tips with you so you can learn from my mistakes. 🙂

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1.) Put your baby in a swing to keep them content longer.

Of course you have to take them out when they need something, but I couldn’t believe how much longer my daughter stayed happy in her baby swing versus bouncers and other seats (although we used those too.)

2.) Try to have a place to set baby down in different rooms.

We had about 3 different bouncers people gave us, along with a swing and a baby sleeper that I would use in different rooms as I was taking care of things around the house.

I would keep her swing in one room, a bouncer in the kitchen, her sleeper in our room, and sometimes a bouncer in the bathroom.

Having these already set up in different rooms spread throughout the house made it a lot easier for me to get stuff done in different rooms, without having to move baby items around all the time, and I could easily keep an eye on her.

3.) Take advantage of baby’s nursing/feeding and nap times.

When my baby nurses, I will take advantage of that time and relax.

If I’m tired enough, I’ll take a nap when she does.

If I’m not tired enough to sleep, I’ll watch some Netflix, and/or pin some pins on Pinterest.

I have even written articles on my phone or computer while she’s nursing that I later sold to other website’s blogs (it was easier to do on the computer back when she was boppy pillow size, so I mostly use my phone now.)

Whatever you want or need to get done that you can realistically do during feeding/nursing and nap time, go for it. I’m not really on any social media besides Pinterest, but if you are, it may be a good time to check it and update it (if it doesn’t stress you out. 🙂

Or you can always just focus on bonding with your baby. Whichever works for you. 🙂

4.) If you pump milk, consider investing in a hands-free pump, and/or do both sides at the same time.

I would also suggest pumping consistently around the same time each day, so your body will be ready to produce milk when you need it.

5.) Wear your baby in a wrap or carrier.

When babies are small, especially as newborns, this is one of the things that will keep them the happiest when they’re awake (versus putting them down somewhere.) Babies want to be close to their mom, even at times when their other needs are met.

Investing in a good quality baby wrap or carrier (this is the one I have) keeps them content and comforted, and allows you to get stuff done. A big win-win!

6.) Meal Plan and plan fast or easy meals.

I have a whole other article I wrote on how I meal plan (the exact process I use) and another post on why you should meal plan …in case you don’t believe me. 🙂

I also put together a FREE Printable Guide to Flavorful Meal Planning which you can download here.

Even if you’re a procrastinator at heart like me, it’s definitely worth it if you do it right. I started meal planning during my first pregnancy and I will never stop!

You can also do freezer meals and/or have something easy in your cupboard or freezer as a backup if you have an extra busy day with baby, so you don’t have to stress out on those days you’re extra short on time.

7.) Stay organized when it comes to filing important papers and records so you can find what you need when you need it.

This will help you avoid having to rush around looking for things at the last minute, which is stressful when you need to find something to bring to an appointment that you should’ve already left for.

Some things in particular you’ll want to file in a safe place:

*Medical records for your baby- their check ups and vaccination records, as well as info that tells you what to do if they have certain symptoms, etc.

*Legal documents- social security cards, birth certificates, insurance info, etc.

*Pay stubs and W2’s (when it’s that time of year) – In addition to filing taxes, there may be other times you will need recent payment information, so you’ll want to keep track of your pay stubs.

*Other important records

Some of these documents you will have had before being a mom, but seriously, once you have a baby you don’t have time to be searching for things, so take the time to set up and maintain a filing system for the documents you need to keep.

8.) Use a planner to keep track of your life.

You need to know when appointments are– especially when your baby is a newborn, because they have several their first few months.

You will also have other errands and events to keep track of- even things on a daily basis.

I like using a physical weekly/monthly planner, and I also mark important dates on my phone calendar too, so I get electronic reminders. Whether you use an app or a physical calendar or agenda, find something that works for you.

Us moms don’t have time to wait on hold calling to find out when an appointment is that we already knew about. So stay organized and mark it down!

This is my favorite physical planner here, (which you can get $5 off of in the Living Well Shop using my referral link.

There you have it- those are 8 time-saving baby tips for new moms. By being practical and organized, you can make the most of your time so you aren’t stressed out.

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Have a great day!

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