7 Ways Expecting Dads Can be Supportive in Pregnancy

Do you want to know how your baby’s father can be more involved and help? Here are 7 ways expecting dads can be supportive in pregnancy.

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1.) Going to Prenatal Appointments

There are a lot of doctor’s appointments during pregnancy. While your husband/Dad-to-be may not be able to go with you for every single one, he can at least go with you for some of them.

I recommend he goes to any ultrasounds, at the very least, so he gets to see the baby too. Schedule these as much in advance as you can, and go around his work schedule if possible, so he can plan to attend.

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2.) Discussing Medical Decisions Together for Pregnancy, Labor, and Birth

There are a lot of decisions you have to make from pregnancy to delivery- and even postpartum- for both you AND baby. While the majority of these decisions have to do with your body, it’s nice for your husband/baby’s father to be involved in the decision-making process, because it is his baby too. 🙂

Even if he doesn’t care to have a heavy ‘say’ in these types of decisions, you can still benefit from having the support of your birth partner. So take time to discuss together what’s going on, and decisions that will come up. There’s a lot to think about when you are crafting your birth plan. You don’t want to feel like you’re going through everything alone.

3.) Registering and Picking Out Baby Items Together

There are lot of baby items you need to register for/stock up on before the arrival of your newborn. (I actually provide a basic, complete list in Day 5 of my free Pregnant&Prepared email course, which you can sign up for HERE.)

If for some reason your husband/Dad-to-be isn’t available to assist you with all of this, I would definitely have someone tag along with you when you register. Even if you decide to do some or all of your registry online, I suggest having your birth partner or someone else present while you do it, so you still have emotional support and someone to bounce ideas off of.

For myself personally, when I registered during my first pregnancy, I actually brought a friend who already had 2 babies. She knew about all the baby items I never knew existed and that I needed, and it made me feel less overwhelmed. But this is also a way expecting dads can get involved too.

4.) Getting Things Ready for the Baby

After you get the baby items you need, (whether you get them as gifts or stock up on them yourself,) they will need to be set up. You don’t want to bring home a newborn and not know where the diapers are. 🙂

Your husband/Dad-to-be can help you wash and/or set up baby items- such as clothes, blankets, boppy pillows, bouncers, etc. I especially recommend he helps you set up larger items, such as a changing table, dresser, and/or crib.

5.) Attending Birth Classes as a Couple

Even my husband learned a lot from the birth class we went to.. and he already had 2 kids before my first pregnancy.

While birth classes are great for expecting moms, I think it is equally important for expecting dads/birth partners to attend them. Because they learn how to support you and what they can do to help you during labor and delivery.

When it comes down to it, you aren’t likely going to remember everything you learn from your birth class during labor. Sometimes it takes all of your energy just to get through a contraction.

But your husband/Dad-to-be can remind you of what you already learned that can help you. And he can even do some physical/practical things to help you relax/make you less uncomfortable during labor.

6.) Researching About Pregnancy and the Baby’s Development

It’s really great when expecting dads take the time to research what happens in pregnancy and the baby’s development.

There are also some great books written specifically for expecting dads that explain what’s going on and how they can help, such as this one. (You could even get him something like this as a gift!)

7.) Picking Out a Baby Name Together

Last but not least, your husband/Dad-to-be can assist you with picking out the perfect name for your baby. This is a special decision parents can make together.

And just a side note..if you can’t agree on a name right away, that’s okay. You’ll figure it out. 🙂

So those are 7 ways expecting dads can be supportive during pregnancy. Although you’re the one that’s pregnant, you’re not in this alone, and he can be involved too.

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