6 Easy Ways to Make Your Pregnancy Memorable

Do you want to know how to make your pregnancy memorable? This post shares 6 easy ways to remember special moments throughout your pregnancy.

Especially during your first pregnancy, you may want to know how to make it memorable, and preserve memorabilia you can look back on.

This can be a challenge when you are battling fatigue, morning sickness, and/or other difficult pregnancy symptoms. But here are 6 easy ways to make your pregnancy memorable.

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1.) Research your baby each week and take note of how they’re developing or milestones you experience with them.

For example, I will always remember hearing my first baby’s heartbeat for the first time when I was only 8 weeks along. It was incredible.

Looking back, I wish I had asked the doctor if I could record her heartbeat on my phone. Now I’m not sure how well it would sound or if there’s some reason they wouldn’t let you do this, depending on medical office policies, (you never know,) but it would’ve been awesome if I had thought of this during either of my pregnancies to at least ask/try.

But one thing I always did every week, especially for my first pregnancy, was research the size of my baby and her development.

2.) Take pictures weekly or monthly.

*Of your belly, of course- some expecting moms have even used the same style/color top in every picture.

*With your husband/baby’s father- these are some amazing moments to share together. If you have older kids, step kids, or other family you want to include, you can do that too.

3.) Do something special with your spouse/baby’s father before your baby is born.

the profiles of a pregnant woman with her husband are shown with the sun shining on them in golden tones

While it’s important to include your baby’s dad in pregnancy as a supportive partner, you also want to enjoy spending time together.

Go on a little vacation/road trip that is pregnancy-safe. Or just take some time to just relax doing things you enjoy together- whatever it is that works for you.

4.) Have a pregnancy-friendly ladies night.

Get a yummy non-alcoholic drink and hang out with your friends- whether in person or virtually.

I love, love, love my babies, but let me tell you.. It is a whole process trying to have a girls night out now that I have a 2 year old and a 7 month old. And I usually end up bringing the youngest with me anyways since he still nurses.

Even when I’ve had a sitter (aka my mom or husband, 🙂 I am constantly thinking about/worrying about/and/or checking in on my baby. You can’t shake ‘mommy brain.’

It is just not the same after you have kids, so enjoy the girls night now while you can.

5.) Keep a pregnancy journal and/or scrapbook.

pregnant woman journaling at her desk

Write down each day, week, and/or month how you feel, your thoughts, your symptoms, and so on. After you have your baby, you’ll be amazed how much you forgot about. But you’ll be glad you took the time to write it down.

A side benefit- writing may also help alleviate some of the stress/anxieties you have with pregnancy.

6.) Take videos.

Pictures are great, but videos can help you save your pregnancy memories even more.

You can record yourself and your baby’s dad, and show your belly’s growth. But you could also record your belly moving once you’re farther along, (if you can catch your baby kicking on camera, 😉 and/or record you and your baby’s dad talking to your future child.

Several years from now you could show your child a video of you talking to them before they were born.

Tips for Keeping Pregnancy Memories

We designed a free printable PDF for each month or week of pregnancy so you can keep track of everything important that happens.

You can print out as many copies as you need, for the version you like the best. (There are 4 options- monthly or weekly, and with or without a Pregnancy To Do List section.)

You can choose to put photos on some or all of these (e.g. tape on an ultrasound pic, picture of your growing belly, etc.) Or you could just write down the happenings of that week or month if you don’t have a picture to add.

Just fill in your info below, and I will email you all 4 versions of the Pregnancy Memory Printable. You can choose to print out and use whichever one works best for you, however often you want to use it.

Once you fill out one of these and add any desired photo(s), it can go in a physical scrapbook. You could also scan it in your computer, if you want to keep a digital copy or prefer to save your memories in a digital format.

I recommend saving a copy of any pictures or videos you take in more than one location, whether it be physical or digital (or both.) Then if your computer breaks or in a couple of years your toddler takes a marker to your photo album, you have a back up.

So those are 6 easy ways to make your pregnancy memorable. By researching your baby’s development each week, taking pictures & videos, doing something nice with your baby’s father, having a girls night out, and keeping a pregnancy journal or scrapbook, you can remember your pregnancy in a really special way. Make those moments count. 🙂

Psst.. before you go, don’t forget to grab your copy of the Pregnancy Memory Printable.

There are 4 Different Variations of the Pregnancy Memory Printable:
~Monthly or Weekly & With or Without a Pregnancy To Do List Section
~A Notes Section to Mark Down All You Want to Remember
~You Can Attach Pictures & Add to a Physical Scrapbook and/or Scan to Keep a Digital Copy

Thanks for reading and have a great day!


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How will you make your pregnancy memorable?

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