5 Things You Need to Do Before Leaving the House with Your Baby

When you have errands to run with a baby, you can save yourself time and stress by being prepared. Here are 5 things you need to do before leaving the house with your baby.

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1.) Use the bathroom before you leave.

Trying to go to the bathroom while you are out with a baby is never fun. So just avoid that altogether, if possible, by going before you leave.

2.) Feed both yourself and your baby before you leave.

Try to time it so you nurse your baby or give them formula (whichever you normally do,) right before you leave the house. This will help eliminate or lessen the amount of feedings you need to do while you are gone.

I also say to feed yourself because this will save you time once you’re gone if you’ve already eaten. Plus you need your energy as a mom, (and even more so if you are nursing, but of course, you need to be eating regardless.)

3.) Change your baby right before you leave.

This limits (and sometimes eliminates) changes on the go which always seem to be more dramatic than changes at home (in my opinion.)

If your baby is anything like mine were, you may find they like to do ‘stinkies,’ (as I like to call them,) before you leave. In which case I recommend always, always, ALWAYS changing them before you go. (Even if you are running late, the only exception being someone’s life or livelihood being at risk.) Because let me tell you, you do not want to have to clean up an explosive ‘stinky’ away from home that got all over them, their clothes, and their car seat.

4.) Make sure your diaper bag is packed and in the car.

Double-check that there are adequate diapers and wipes. You will also want to make sure you have one or more weather-appropriate outfits that still fit them. (Babies grow fast!) And of course, for all the other items you normally have in your diaper bag, you’ll want to make sure you have them stocked.

If you normally bring feeding supplies, like bottles of pumped milk or formula, make sure you add these right before you leave.

5.) Bring a baby carrier or stroller.

Depending on where you need to go, bringing either a baby stroller or baby carrier can be a life saver. I use this baby carrier which you can click here to get on Amazon for a decent price, and I have used it with both of my babies for many, many trips. Someone bought it for us when I was pregnant with my first baby, and I’m so grateful. I never go shopping without it!

I love this baby carrier because it has 4 different positions you can use to wear your baby with, so you can use it for younger babies, but it adjusts for when they get older as well. (Currently, I use it for my 8-month-old, but it works for babies (and later toddlers) between 8 to 32 pounds.)

A stroller can be really awesome for trips and errands too, depending on where you go. Some moms also use them for shopping trips, but I have always just worn my babies for the most part. (Plus I usually do at least a week or 2 of shopping at a time, so wearing my baby in a carrier while pushing a cart seems like the easiest thing for me.)

So those are 5 things you need to do before leaving the house with your baby. By using the bathroom before you leave, feeding yourself and your baby, changing your baby, bringing a stocked diaper bag, and packing a baby carrier or stroller, you can be prepared!

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Thanks for reading; have a great day!

Sleeping baby in a car seat getting ready to leave

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