3 Tips to Make Cleaning Your Fridge Easier

Cleaning your fridge can be a bit of a hassle sometimes, especially if you forgot about some leftovers that are now unrecognizable or if there’s some unknown sticky substance on one of the shelves.

But even though I really don’t enjoy cleaning my fridge, there are a couple things I do that make it less dreadful.
So here are 3 things that will make cleaning your fridge easier…and less gross.

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1.) Check your fridge at least once a week to get rid of items that need to be tossed.

Once something is at that point where you aren’t sure if it’s still good, and you know you aren’t going to eat it, toss it. By no means am I saying you should purposely waste food; of course it’s better to use, eat, or freeze something before it goes bad.

But during those instances we’re all guilty of sometimes, when you know you didn’t eat, use, or freeze something in time and it’s now too old, toss it.

By doing this at least once a week you avoid having to toss out any really gross, moldy stuff that you may otherwise have if you only toss old food once a month.

You can also check more often than once a week, like for example, every time you cook something new.

By doing this more frequently, it also reminds you to use, eat, and/or freeze food items/leftovers that aren’t bad yet but need to be used soon, which you may otherwise forget about.

2.) Any time you need to deep-clean your fridge, do it before you go grocery shopping.

You can do this the day before a shopping trip or the same day before you leave, whichever works best.

This is a great time to really clean your fridge for 2 reasons:

1. If you get a week’s worth of groceries or more when you shop, it will be a lot more work to clean your fridge after it’s stocked with food. And chances are, it will be the emptiest before you shop. This means you will spend less time removing items you need to take out before cleaning shelves, drawers, etc.

2. This is a great time for you to check what you have and don’t have. And it may remind you of certain items you need to add to your shopping list. You can also check expiration dates on condiments, etc.

3.) Make sure any containers you put in the fridge are tightly covered, not too full, standing upright, and don’t have any food/residue on the bottom.

Check things before you place them in the fridge. Make sure they don’t get tipped over, and aren’t leaking or too full to begin with. Check there’s no grease, sauce, liquid, etc. on the bottom or this will transfer to the shelves in the fridge.

So those are 3 simple things that will make cleaning your fridge easier. By regularly checking your fridge for items that are going bad or will be old soon, making sure you aren’t adding to the mess, and by cleaning your fridge before you go shopping, cleaning it won’t be as awful, as gross, or take as long.

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Thanks for reading and have a great day!

3 tips to make cleaning your fridge easier and less gross.

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