10 Fun Ways to Keep Your Kids Cool in the Heat

Sometimes it’s challenging to keep your kids both cool and occupied on those really hot summer days! And I don’t know about you, but I’ve noticed that when the heat is ridiculous, it can start to make everyone a little stir-crazy. So here are 10 ways to keep your kids cool this summer.

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Outdoor Water Activities for Kids

1.) A Pool or the Beach

Water always cools kids down, and pretty much every child loves to go swimming.

2.) A Sprinkler

Kids love both running around and getting wet.

3.) A Backyard Water Slide or Inflatable Water Park

This takes the fun of the water park and puts it in your backyard. When I was a kid I thought having a water slide was the best thing ever! And if you opt for this instead of taking your kids to a water park, (and paying high rates for each day of admission and parking,) you can definitely save money in the long run.

4.) A Water Table

For younger kids and toddlers, you can also get an outdoor water table. This is a fun activity for them.

**A few notes on outdoor safety: 

~Make sure your kids (and you) dress appropriately while you’re in the sun and wear sunscreen when needed. If you’re looking for a chemical-free sunscreen that you’re comfortable putting on your kids or baby, I found this organic one on Amazon. Plus it’s tear-free which is awesome!

~Monitor your kids closely if they are doing any water activity that would pose a risk of drowning- even if they can swim.

~Keep an eye on weather warnings when it comes to things like heat advisories or poor air quality. Some days it may be better to stay indoors (and we list some ideas for staying cool inside below.)

~Make sure your kids stay hydrated and drink plenty of water.

Cool Treats for Kids

5.) Make (and Drink) Lemonade

Most kids love lemonade and it’s so refreshing. We like making fresh lemonade- you can check out my fresh lemonade recipe here.

6.) Ice Cream & Popsicles

Give your kids an ice cream sandwich to cool them down in this heat plus 9 other ways to keep them cool this summer

These are the perfect yummy treats to cool everyone down. Some parents will make homemade ice cream or popsicles with their children as a fun activity to do together.

Cool Indoor Kids’ Activities

7.) Activities in a Cool Basement

Our cellar is always a lot cooler than the rest of our house. So if you have a cool basement, you can set up a play area for the kids. Our kids sometimes ride scooters down there, and my toddler has a little toy car and kitchen set she plays with while I’m doing laundry.

You could also make a space to play board games, watch movies, or do other activities together. The possibilities are endless!

8.) Go to the Movies

Chances are any movie theater is going to have a good A/C unit, and it’s a nice change of pace to get everyone out of the heat for a bit.

9.) Walk Around the Mall

Malls will also usually be kept at a comfortable temperature, so you can take the kids for an indoor walk and maybe do some activities there if it’s too hot outside.

10.) Go to an Indoor Ice-Skating Rink

Did you know a lot of cities have indoor ice-skating rinks that are open in the summer? Look into your local options and see what’s available and when they have public skating.

Plus this is usually very inexpensive, especially if you don’t need to rent skates. (At least at the one near us, it’s only like $3-$4 a person including skate rentals. How awesome is that??)

So those are 10 ways to keep your kids cool this summer (even on those really hot days.) By looking for cool activities both inside and outdoors and eating tasty cold treats, you’ll all be able to endure the heat without going crazy.

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a little girl wearing pink sunglasses sits on a watermelon colored float in a pool trying to stay cool in the summer heat

Are you trying to keep your kids cool during hot summer days? Here are 10 great ways to keep kids cool this summer.

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