The 10 Best Spring Cleaning Tips for 2024 (Podcast or Post #20)

Are you looking for the best spring cleaning tips to get your house spruced up this year? Here are the top ten spring cleaning tips for 2024.

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Trying to get all of your spring cleaning done can feel overwhelming.

In the past, I’ve struggled to even get started with big cleaning projects when I had a lot to do. But I’ve learned that by breaking things down into smaller steps it’s more doable.

The tips in this Podcast or Post will help you break down your spring time cleaning in a way that’s manageable.


Download our Free Printable Kitchen Declutter List here.– This will help you to prep your kitchen so it’s easier to spring clean without having clutter everywhere.

Here is a list of 29 cleaning supplies I recommend for your home– These will make your spring cleaning more effective.

11 Tips for How to Get Your Your Family to Help Clean the House- If you’re having trouble getting your family to help out, these tips will help.

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The Meaning of Spring Cleaning

What we mean by the term ‘spring cleaning,’ which is typical of how most people use the term and similar to how spring cleaning is defined in the dictionary, is thoroughly cleaning the house, which most people do in the springtime.

The spring cleaning tips we’re sharing are relevant for the whole house and will be applicable for different rooms and a variety of tasks within those rooms.

The Top Ten Spring Cleaning Tips for the Whole House

1.) Make a list of each room you want to include in your spring cleaning and each task you need to do within each room.

supplies for spring cleaning shown on top of a blank clipboard to make a list of tasks to do

Setting specific goals by breaking everything down into individual areas/tasks will make it easier to follow through.

If you have outdoor tasks you want to include in your spring time cleaning, or other areas you want to tackle outside of your home such as a garage, shed, or barn, include these areas and the related tasks on your list too. 

2.) Make sure the cleaning supplies you plan to use are safe for the surfaces you want to use them on.

spring cleaning supplies on top of counter next to flowers

In general, I recommend using milder cleaning products when possible.

There are going to be times where you need something stronger for more stubborn areas. But try to use less toxic, more natural cleaning supplies when you can.

Regardless of which products you use, make sure they’re not too strong or abrasive on the surfaces you’ll use them on.

If you aren’t sure what products to use on which areas/surfaces, do an online search for how to clean those areas/surfaces specifically- whatever the area is and the material is that it’s made of.

For example, you might do a search for how to clean marble countertops and see what comes up. 

You can even write notes on your spring cleaning list with the supplies you want to use for certain tasks.

When cleaning a surface with a new product, test it in a small/discreet area to make sure it’s okay. Keep in mind if the surfaces you’re cleaning are damaged or worn, they’ll likely be more sensitive to further damage. 

For a list of cleaning supplies I recommend for house cleaning in general, check out our Podcast or Post #11.

You probably already have most, if not all of the cleaning supplies you’ll need.

But if there’s more supplies you need to get, then make a list of what products you need. And then either order them online or get them at the store next time you go shopping.

3.) Declutter the rooms that are overly cluttered first before you start spring cleaning them. 

a woman declutters her bedroom before she starts spring cleaning

Spoiler alert: It’s so much easier to clean your home when there isn’t clutter everywhere.

Cleaning around clutter will be more difficult and take you much longer.  

You may also want to temporarily move certain items out of the way before you do certain tasks, such as dusting cobwebs on the ceiling or wiping down higher shelves.

For example, if you have a fruit basket on a lower counter below a higher surface you plan to wipe down, you don’t want to get cobwebs and dust all over your fruit or other food items.

4.) Start spring cleaning in your kitchen first.

a woman wipes down drawer handles in her kitchen as part of her spring cleaning

I always recommend starting in your kitchen because this room is the foundation of the state of your home.

It’s generally the room that is used the most. And if it has been neglected it may be the room that takes the longest to clean.

✅In line with our previous tip about decluttering first, you can download our free printable Kitchen Declutter Checklist here.

5.) Focus on one area and one task at a time. 

a woman is about to clean her kitchen counter for spring time cleaning

Remember that list of spring cleaning tasks that you wrote out for tip #1? Once you start cleaning, you’ll want to only focus on doing one of those tasks at a time. 

And you’ll also only want to focus on one area at a time. So, for example, if you’re wiping down your cabinets, focus on cleaning one cabinet at a time until you get them all done.

6.) Clean from top to bottom.

a woman cleans the top shelf in her cabinet before cleaning lower surfaces

In addition to focusing on one task/area at a time, work from top to bottom.

The reason for this is that dust and debris will often fall on lower surfaces as you’re cleaning- even more so with spring cleaning when you’re cleaning areas like the top shelves or top of your fridge that you probably haven’t been doing regularly. 

If you clean lower shelves or the floor first, you’ll likely need to reclean them after cleaning the higher surfaces.

So do yourself a favor and clean the higher surfaces first so you don’t create extra work for yourself and waste time.

7.) Enlist the help of others that are in your household.

a husband, wife, and son work together as a team to spring clean the kitchen

Having family/others who live with you help out will lighten your spring cleaning load. 

If you have trouble getting your family to help clean up, check out Podcast or Post #8.

In our household, we’ll have the kids help clean up with age-appropriate tasks. And my husband will help move furniture around so I can clean under or around it. 

If you live alone, maybe you can work together with friend or relative who lives outside your home. You can offer mutual support with assisting each other in spring cleaning both of your homes.

This will motivate you, make it less boring, and make it easier when it comes to moving heavy objects or while performing other spring cleaning tasks that are easier to do with 2 people. 

8.) Set a countdown timer for the amount of time you have for spring cleaning.

a countdown timer is on a kitchen counter to keep track of time spent spring cleaning

I always recommend using a countdown timer for cleaning and decluttering tasks.

It will help you feel less overwhelmed- so you don’t feel like you’re cleaning endlessly. And it will also help you to focus better and be more productive.

Then when the timer goes off, you can stop for the day. Or you can simply take a break (if you want to continue after.)

9.) Split up your spring cleaning into multiple days or sessions if needed and schedule them in your phone or planner.

a woman writes down her next spring cleaning session in her schedule

It’s okay if you can’t get everything done all in one day, especially if you’re busy or have a lot of spring cleaning tasks to tackle. 

I personally can’t do all of my spring cleaning or decluttering projects in a single day.

I’m not superwoman.

I’m a busy mom and I have regular childcare and home management tasks to do every day.

And I’ll also feel overwhelmed if I try to do too much at once. So any larger projects I will split up into smaller goals and sessions over multiple days until I finish them. 

Personally, I often work in 15 to 20 minute increments. But you can take as much or as little time- at a time- that works for you. 

10.) Reward yourself for each task, room, or session you complete your spring cleaning with. 

a woman sips tea and relaxes as a reward for completing her spring cleaning

You might want to reward yourself for each completed room or when you’re done with all of your spring cleaning.

Or you may want to reward yourself in a smaller way with each task you finish. Or you may want to do a combination of both.

Whatever rewards you choose should be things that make you happy and allow you to acknowledge your accomplishments. 

Some smaller rewards I give myself when I complete certain tasks or cleaning sessions are putting a sticker in my planner, drinking a cup of hot tea, (I’ve been into caffeine-free chai tea lately,) or reading a chapter of a book I’m interested in. 

For bigger rewards after accomplishing a major project, we might go out to eat or I’ll spend extra time for self-care doing something I want to do in the moment. 

If you can’t think of how to reward yourself, brainstorm for a few minutes and write a list of a couple dozen things you like to do- big or small- that bring you joy. 

You can use this list for ideas to reward yourself with for your accomplishments.

But you can also use this list for things to pick from to do for daily self-care. You’ll feel more filled up and have energy to do the things you need to do when you take a little time for yourself in a constructive way to make yourself happy.

So those are the top 10 spring cleaning tips I have for you. 

By making a list of the rooms to clean and tasks to do, making sure you have the appropriate cleaning supplies, decluttering crowded areas first, starting your cleaning in the kitchen, focusing on one task at a time, cleaning from top to bottom, getting help from others in your home, setting a countdown timer, splitting your cleaning up into smaller, doable sessions, and rewarding yourself for your hard work, you’ll effectively get your spring cleaning done in no time.

Don’t forget to download your free Kitchen Declutter List.

This will help you to get started in the room that will make the biggest difference.


In our next Podcast or Post, we’re going to discuss tips for managing your time better at home.

Because if you’re anything like me you’re probably always busy with a million things. And it’s important to manage your time well to be productive, but also so you have time for things that are meaningful and enjoyable to you.

And if you’ve signed up for our free kitchen declutter list or are already subscribed to our emails, I’ll send you an email when that episode is published.

Have a great day and thanks for listening!


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  1. Romeo Davis | 30th Mar 23

    These are helpful tips! I enjoy cleaning and is always keen on ideas on how to make everything more neat and organized. Also, I’d really enjoy it if I could read more about cleaning specific areas/things like dusting furniture, organizing kitchen, etc.

  2. Manhattan Beach | 20th Apr 23

    I completely agree that cleaning is an essential part of our daily routine. It not only keeps our homes and workplaces tidy, but also helps promote a healthy environment. I personally find that having a clean space helps me stay focused and motivated. Your tips on cleaning different areas and surfaces are very helpful, and I appreciate the emphasis on using eco-friendly products. Thank you for sharing your expertise and reminding us of the importance of keeping our spaces clean!

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